Building a website from scratch might sound like a fun and creative task, but take it from me: if you’re not some kind of a mad genius who takes pleasure in performing repetitive tasks over and over again, don’t do it! I build websites for small businesses and personal sites, I NEVER suggest someone do it themselves.  If you’ve never tried building a website from scratch, you should consider yourself lucky since the amount of work involved is TERRIFYING.   Fortunately, the whole process of creating a new website becomes infinitely easier if you make use of WordPress. What used to take me days, I now do in hours.  But what about the Free site builders they ask.  (see my post on the ‘free’ sites) I tell them go give it a try.  In two weeks they come back and tell me how much trouble they had, would I please set up a site for them?  And in an afternoon I have what would have taken them two months.

WordPress is a Content Management System, you’ll see a lot of things about WordPress on this site, I use it exclusively.  Content Management Systems use a database to allow anyone to manage the content. From words to pictures to video to audio, Content is king and WordPress lets YOU do it and maintain it.  Yes it’s tedious, there is no romance in the content management world.

WordPress is THE MOST WIDELY USED platform on the internet, and by a huge margin.  It has quite deservedly become a global phenomenon used by millions of websites, including some of the world’s most famous ones. This is why I’m posting this comprehensive info graphic from Skilled Company with plenty of interesting facts on all things WordPress. Make sure you keep the info graphic handy, there is no way to cover all these points in one post.

WordPress Popularity, Endless Options, There Is Money To Be Made and the downside of a big target, WordPress Security Breaches are all a part of this great info graphic from Skilled.  Check it out:

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