Nature is beauty; it has height, width and depth.  Without these your site will appear flat.  Content is king, but your site must be eye catching.  When you look at this photograph I made of Half Dome in 2010, it is majestic and breathtaking.  Half dome has incredible height, thousands of feet of solid rock.

Although the computer screen shows only two dimensions, we strive to create your site or app with all three.  To keep them coming back we use content and a call to action, but like Yosemite or the Grand Canyon, it’s that first view that grabs their attention.  Your site is a portal into the world of you or your business.  What is it you want your friends or clients to see?  You want them to be attracted and informed.  You want them to keep coming back, whether it’s to purchase your product, find out about new products, or just to inform them.

Content is king, so the words mean a lot.  The search engines find you through the text you post on your site, and you can read all about what we used to call Search Engine Optimization or SEO in another post, but remember, even though it may be all about the search for someone to find you, we help you keep them coming back…