It takes all three dimensions to make our world.  Photos and graphics have two; height and width.  Our goal is to give your web presence all three dimensions, and we do it with words, video, and pictures.

This photo of I took of the Yosemite valley, also in 2010, is an example of a wide angle view of the world.  from El Capitan on the left to Half Dome in the distance and the valley floor below it to Bridal Veil falls on the right, the entire width of the valley is breathtaking.  This photo taken from the ‘Tunnel View’ is one of the most famous views of the valley.  As you drive up Highway 41, called the Wawona road, this viewpoint is at the east end of the Wawona Tunnel.

We create what we call a ‘Vortex’ for your website.  By using Social media your presence will take advantage of a bevy of connections that create a whirlwind of traffic.  We help you create Facebook pages, Twitter followers, a LinkedIn page, YouTube videos, Instagram pictures and posts as well as a Google + page and we utilize Google Webmaster tools to make sure that you’re found in Google searches.